Available for Adoption


The Collie is a devoted family dog, especially with children. Although they require daily walks, they can also be couch potatoes. Despite the Rough Collie’s immense coat, they only need to be brushed about once a week, although the need for brushing may increase in shedding season. Collies are also a very clean breed and are noted for not having a doggie odor.



Shelties love their families, but may be reserved at first with strangers. As a herding dog, they can be inclined to bark at and herd people. Shelties thrive on the farm but adapt to many living situations if given proper exercise. The breed’s dense double coat requires regular maintenance.


Little Interlopers

These are the lost or abandoned from breeds other than Collies and Shelties. They come into our program in many different ways, usually through the concern and effort of one or more RMCSR volunteers.

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Not Ready for Prime Time

These special Collies and Shelties have come to us with serious health issues or emotional damage that will require lengthy rehabilitation. They are loved and receiving the best possible individualized care.


Special Needs

These Collies and Shelties have come to us with \”special needs.\” Humans may look at them as disabilities, but canines seem to overcome their challenges and move forward. We hope that RMCSR supporters will look at these precious dogs with the special eyes of love and consider giving them each a forever home.

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 What to do if you see a baby you’d like …

Please begin the process for adoption by reading our Policies and Guidelines and, if we sound like the right group for you, proceed to the online Adoption Application. From there, our receipt of your completed application will be confirmed by email.  You then will receive a follow-up phone call if we feel you are a good potential applicant for the dog. Lots of good conversation with the foster family, a reference from your veterinarian, and a home visit round out the screening process. We take dog adoption very seriously.  Please put a lot of thought into why you want to adopt a dog, and help us make a good match for your family. We appreciate your taking the time to visit with us. We will look forward to hearing from you as well.