Lobo – Adopted

Lobo came to RMCSR from a sanctuary in Kansas. He is a 7-year-old rough collie that was relinquished by an owner. Sanctuaries and “no-kill” shelters are a piece of the puzzle in a “no-kill” society but with the understanding that each “adoptable” creature should have a home and not be warehoused endlessly. Lobo was left to languish in the sanctuary with limited human contact and a broken heart.

When Lobo arrived at his foster home, he displayed the confusion we see so often. “Where am I? Will I be safe here? What will happen to me now?” Each new arrival moves through similar stages of discomfort in his or her foster home while they assess the humans and decide for themselves if we are okay. Gentle voices, good food served regularly, companion dogs to show them the ropes . . . positive steps toward feeling safe for the newbie. The amount of time for each new dog to spend in a foster home is hard to predict. When a dog is healthy and happy with bright and shining eyes looking toward the future, then they are ready for their forever home. And then the shift goes from re-habbing to re-homing.

Lobo is still in the rehabbing stage of the process. He is now housebroken and has learned the doggie door from his furry pals. He will walk on a slip leash with a lot of reassurance from his human. He eats with gusto. And he watches the other dogs in his foster home to help him with cues to things he is just beginning to learn about. Dog beds….what a great idea! Treats…an even better idea!! Love…..he is still not sure about that.

Our 66# pooch is a neutered male that is completely vaccinated, heartworm negative and has had a dental cleaning with no extractions. He has been microchipped with a Home Again and his registration will be included with his adoption. At 7 years old, he has a lot of good years ahead of him to spend with enlightened people. So far, he is more comfortable with women and a calm child than with men but he is making progress in that area. But isolation and loneliness must be a thing of his past and not his future.

Please begin the process for adoption by reading our Policies and Guidelines and, if we sound like the right group for you, proceed to the online Adoption Application. From there, our receipt of your completed application will be confirmed by email. You then will receive a follow-up phone call if we feel you are a good potential applicant for the dog. Lots of good conversation with the foster family, a reference from your veterinarian, and a home visit round out the screening process. We take dog adoption very seriously. Please put a lot of thought into why you want to adopt a dog, and help us make a good match for your family. We appreciate your taking the time to visit with us. We will look forward to hearing from you as well.