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Rusty was badly injured when he was hit by a car in July of 2021.  His owners did what they could for him but it seems that the full extent of his injuries was not known at the time.  The poor fellow has continued to be non-weight-bearing and unstable on his back end.  

His distress is obvious and he seems to be in a good deal of pain.  He has eaten chicken breast with broth and rice twice today already.  And he would tell you that I am quite a cook.  So we know that he has limited experience with home cooking.  But he has eaten enough that I was comfortable giving him some pain medication.

Rusty will get the very best that RMCSR can offer him.  Colorado Canine Orthopedics knows the situation and will be on board as quickly as they can work him in.

We are asking for prayers and a couple of dollars if you can spare them.  And of

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