Your Commitment in Adoption

Most of the dogs in America's shelters were once wanted by a family, at least briefly. And then those dogs were tossed aside, like a used tissue, when they became inconvenient. We do not let that happen to any of the dogs in our program. Please help us help them. Don't breed or buy while homeless pets die.

Please consider all of the pros and cons for having a dog before you adopt one. Dogs cost money. Do you have wiggle room in your budget for a dog? Good quality dog food, veterinary care, toys and treats - they all add up. Dogs take considerable time, and deserve to be made a part of the family from the first moment their little paws touch the floor. Will you have time to walk a dog, toss a ball to him in the backyard, and give him plenty of snuggle time? Does everyone in the family agree to getting a dog? These many questions need honest answers.

If you are unsure about committing to a dog for the rest of his life, regardless of whether you might one day move, change jobs, or get divorced, please rethink your decision to adopt a dog. Dogs are a lifetime commitment - that is, adoption is for the rest of the dog's life . Rescue dogs have experienced enough turmoil in their lives. What they need and deserve is security and stability in their new adoptive homes.

He is my friend, my partner, my defender, my dog.
I am his life, his provider, his love, his leader.
He will be mine (faithful & true) to the last beat of his heart.
I owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

If, after thoughtful consideration, you feel ready to welcome one of these precious babies into your home (or perhaps volunteer to foster a dog), please see the following pages: