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You Can Make a Difference... Become a Sponsor!

When you become a Sponsor, you’re not only helping special-needs dogs in our care that might never be adopted, but also offsetting the significant expense of housing and feeding all of the foster dogs in our network. These dogs desperately need someone like you to help ensure we can continue to provide optimal care for them until they can be adopted.

Some special-needs animals are new arrivals that require urgent veterinary attention, while others might be older animals needing a major medical procedure. Still others may have socialization problems with people or animals that must be resolved before they can be placed in their forever homes.

Your monthly contribution helps care for all the dogs that are currently in our foster network. Please become a sponsor today.

Or, if you're unable to become a monthly sponsor at this time, you can make a one-time sponsorship gift here.

Help Us With Veterinary Care

Help Us With Veterinary Care